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Pinarello F-12 Disc Frameset


We wouldn’t blame you for thinking that the Pinarello Dogma is an unforgiving, single-minded race road bike. All the curves, aero tubing, and business-first color schemes make for a bike that emphasizes speed above else. However, with the introduction of the Pinarello Dogma F12 Disk Dura-Ace Di2 road bike, the storied Italian brand intends to make the new Dogma F12 to be a capable all-rounder, and not just an aero bike or ultralight climber.

Toray T1100 1K Dream carbon is the name of the game, and its nanoalloy technology promises to be extremely durable without being brittle or durable. Used on the F10, the F12 receives a refinement of their trademark asymmetric frame design to make the frame stiff where it needs to be, and just compliant enough for longer rides. Lighter, stiffer, faster is the general go-to in the cycling world, and as such the new F12 Disk is a claimed 10% laterally stiffer, 10% lighter, 7.3% reduction in drag totaling an 8-watt improvement over the Dogma F10 Disk at 40 km/h, or one second gained per kilometer over the last bike. Like before, they are small differences that make a ton of differences for riders at the highest level.

How’d they go about this? Mostly, it is a refinement of their previous designs. Up front, the Onda fork receives a large-profile top section, increasing stiffness for more direct handling as well as air flow around the headtube. The fork, along with the frame, moves to direct mount brakes, which stiffen the brake profile to improve stopping power and tire clearance (to a claimed 28c). Out back, beefed-up chainstays increase pedaling responsiveness in the heat of a sprint.

The focus on finding more aerodynamic savings has led Pinarello to further sculpt their Flatback tubes specifically around the downtube, lowering the bottle cage mount 5 mm and reshaping the bottom bracket area to further improve airflow around the bottom bracket. They’ve also worked to move as many of the cables inside of the frame as possible; the new handlebar and headset design reduced cable drag by 85%, and is 10.3% lighter, 8.6% stiffer, and 5% more aerodynamically efficient than the previous Talon Aero. All in, this amount of refinement nets you a frame that weighs in at 840 g; not the lightest, but for an aero road bike it works more than well enough.

The Pinarello Dogma F12 frameset features a Toray T1100 1K dream carbon frame and fork,