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Meet Our Staff

Bike Technicians

Marty Denna relocated to Reno from Utah in 2014 with the intention of moving back after two years, but life had other plans. Marty brings with him nearly 10 years of bike shop experience and 6 years of DH racing experience. With his spare time and money, Marty enjoys fixing “his garbage cars”, much to his wife’s chagrin. In his garage you’ll find a slew of Subaru’s ranging from a 1982 Brat to a 2007 Outback. When he’s not working on one of his cars, Marty loves being outside with his family, mountain biking, skiing, kayaking, snowshoeing, well… you get the idea. Marty feels like he has found his home in Reno and no longer has plans to move back to Utah.

David Ramirez is an avid biker and has vast knowledge on how bikes work, and luckily, how to fix them. He has been a part of the Orange Pedal team for quite some time and he in an integral part of the shop. 


Tobin Reagan is our hardworking barista who is currently attending UNR.



Kierann O’Hara is a UNR graduate who recently joined the Orange Pedal team. She enjoys drawing and hearing stories from the coffee customers who frequent our shop. She would like to start a French meet-up where french speakers could meet up at Orange Pedal for European coffee and conversation.