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Equipment for Beginners

The Beginner Series


If you are a beginner biker and you haven’t gotten your bike equipment yet, here are a couple things that you’ll need to get started!


You should start with the best helmet. The best helmet would be one that fits your head. I'm so sorry, I'll be serious now. Just like with bikes there are different types of helmets, for example, there are road, commuter, mountain bike helmets; and they all serve a different purpose.


Mountain bike helmets have an L shape in order to protect your neck and give more coverage. Road bike helmets are rounder and can be equipped with mirrors or rear blinkers. However, if the helmet fits it doesn't really matter what type it is, as long as it adequately protects your brain. Again, if you don’t know which helmet to get, just ask our bike guys and they will help you out!

Also please be sure to use a helmet, safety first!

Mountain Bike Helmet:


Commuter Helmet:


After a helmet you should look into getting bike shoes, if you are going to be frequently biking bike shoes are a good idea. Like everything else (you’ll notice a pattern) there are different types: mountain, commuter, road, clip, clip-less; and depending on what type of riding you’re doing you’ll should look at those shoes.


The benefits of bike shoes include lighter shoes, and stiffer soles to minimize energy loss. Clip on shoes are bike shoes that clip onto the bike pedal, so your feet are attached to the bike when riding, but you can easily un-clip your feet when you stop (you’ll just have to get used to un-clipping the shoes the first few times). Clip-less shoes are the opposite, as they are bike shoes, but they do not clip onto the pedal. There are bike shoes where one shoes has a clip and the other doesn’t, so if you are not sure about clip on shoes, you can go half and half. The advantage of clip on shoes is better stability, and you can more efficiently control power outlet. 

Here are the types of closures for bike shoes:


These are good basics to have when you start riding, of course there are things like bike shorts, sunglasses, etc., but helmets and bike shoes are pretty much staples if you want to pick up biking!


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