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The best mountain bike trails near Reno (plus tips from our bike techs who are avid mountain bikers)

Being in a valley and so close to nature makes Reno an ideal place to mountain bike. You are never too far away from a bike trail, and great  trails at that!


Going from beginning to expert trails, we begin with

  1. West Stampede Road #886-018

This 4 mile trail is one of the easiest mountain biking, so it is ideal for beginners. It is flat and has no uneven surfaces.

  1. Commemorative Overland Emigrant Trail

This is an easy/intermediate trial in Truckee, with smoother paths and rougher areas, Commemorative is a good challenge.

  1. Poedunk

This trail is a good transition between beginner and intermediate with slight inclines and rougher terrain.

  1. North Ballardini Ranch Trail

Getting a bit more difficult, 2 miles of inclines and uneven terrain make this trail a little tougher.

  1. Tom Cooke Trail

The difficulty level raises due to tricky terrain, and steepness, so this trail is not for beginners! The descent of this trail is challenging, but doable.


There are many more trails like these, and if you are interested in them REI’s MTB Project has great information on these trails and more-https://www.mtbproject.com



  1. Don’t be afraid of speed

Gaining speed when mountain biking will give you more momentum to get over rough terrain. So, if you are in a tough spot, do not be afraid to pedal faster, this will help you clear that obstacle.

  1. Try not to tense up

Tensing up while mountain biking will make for a bumpy ride! Staying loose with your elbows and knees flared out, and this will make your ride more comfortable.

  1. Bring a snack

These trails are usually far away from civilization, so you will need water, food, and basic bike repair tools (in case you break down) in order to be safe. 


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