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Zero Pedestrian and Cyclist Fatalities, is it Possible?

Oslo, Norway proves that it is. In 2019 the city had zero pedestrian and cyclist deaths, due to Vision Zero, a 1997 concept where the goal would be to eliminate traffic fatalities and serious accidents. 


Vision Zero was conceived by the Swedish parliament based on the idea that “It can never be ethically acceptable that people are killed or seriously injured while moving within the road transport system.” It was federally funded and in 20 years it more than halved the fatality rate! American cities like New York City and L.A. have also implemented Vision Zero, which involved street redesigns and protected bike lanes. These cities have seen decreases in cyclist and pedestrian fatalities, and no cyclists died last year in Boston! If you would like to see the statistics for these cities here is a link, https://www.bicycling.com/culture/a19686667/vision-zero/


The takeaway for us is that this is attainable, most of the measures taken aren’t groundbreaking, they are simple, logical changes. Lowering the speed limit, speed bumps, less traffic in neighborhoods, logical changes that could save lives. And as we have seen from Oslo, it works! Changes like this have been having huge effects and will continue to do so. 


Nevada is also picking up this trend, Truckee Meadows Vision Zero is currently trying to get to zero fatalities by 2030. They have street designs, community engagement, and programs in place to help them reach their goal of zero deaths. If you would like to learn more about Truckee Meadows Vision Zero, here is a link to their website.



Here is Bicycling's article on Vision Zero,



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